Meet Jessie

She is the grandmother of all these wonderful pups!

Jessie was beautiful 15 inch pure bred Lemon & White Beagle registered with AKC. She's a wonderful, mild mannered family dog. She started our Beagle journey, had several litters producing over 45 puppies, including Ms. Sophia who is carrying on the tradition of providing wonderful puppies to many families! Visit Sophia's page... Also part Jessie's legacy is Maxine (affectionately called Maxi) who is Sophia's daughter - she is my third generation beagle mommy!

Hard to imagine I've been doing this for 17 years now!

Ms. Jessie had excellent prenatal care (as does Ms. Sophia) and no problems during birthing. It is an honor for me to help bring these puppies into the world and snip their little umbilical cords. Ms. Jessie is no longer with us, she passed last year, RIP Jessie, your legacy lives on through your puppies and generations of mothers!

Here's s couple of pictures of Ms. Jessie: one before a pregnancy (She's snoozing on the back of the couch pretending she's a cat!), and one during the milk stage of one of her pregnancies.