Meet the Community!

This page is dedicated to all of the owners of Jessie's family of beagles! It is a brag page of sorts. This will be a living page, never quite complete because I will continually add new owners and owner updates. I will be creating a facebook page for everyone to keep in touchas well. Please feel free to send me updated photos in the mean time!

A couple of the owners of Jessie's beagles belong to "Beagle Lover Groups" in their local communities ( Please search for one in your area, it is a great way to socialize our doggies. We also have a Sacramento radio personality, Lori Sacco on Y92 who co-hosts an interesting segment on “The Paul Show” Monday mornings called "what has Bongo chewed this week!" Tune in at to try to guess!

So friends and they are...enjoy!

Laurie writes: Our puppy is doing so great! She adjusted to her new home quickly, eats well and is so healthy. She's so sweet and loving, and so smart! We could not be any happier with our new family member...thanks again!

The newest pictures reveal that Zoe has completed Good Citizen training and grown up to be a very beautiful dog!

Lori writes: I have never owned, (or have been in the company of), a Beagle before. "Bongo" the Beagle is now a big part of our family....what a sweet, loving, child-friendly doggie! Yes....he does chew alot. But I've been told he'll grow out of it! For now, we've made a "radio celebrity" out of him. Let me know if you'd like his "autograph"! The best thing about Bongo.....he will sit still for a very long time if anyone wants to smother him with hugs and kisses.

 Lori Sacco-Nelson  Y92.5 Sacramento

Melinda writes: Andy is our baby... He is sooooo spoiled!

Karen Writes: Lucy is my first Beagle. She is go sweet and loving – a great addition to the family. I have never seen a dog get more attention than Lucy – every time we go somewhere with her we get stopped numerous times with people telling us how cute she is and telling us their Beagle stories. We have never been happier.

Karen Writes about her newest addition:As you can see Lucy and Buddy love eachother. He is so cute and so different than Lucy. He barks non stop at her - mostly to get her to play with him. They play constantly - it stops him from destroying the house cause he just wants to be with her. He is also a little scardy cat - he hears a dog bark and he runs in the house - too funny!

Janell Writes: He is doing great. He has such a mellow temprament. We just love him. If only we could keep him away from socks....He has a thing for socks. We can't leave them around at all. He doesn't chew them up or anything--just loves to carry them around! :-) He's a goof. We get stopped all the time by people commenting on how gorgeous he is. We've even been stopped by former Beagle breeders who just love his conformation.

Margie Writes: She is soooooooo cute - when we are out with her everyone compliments us on how cute she is and that you can tell she is a purebreed they say. We think she is beautiful , and she is very spoiled with attention from all 5 of us. I also want to thank you for bella - we really do love her - and she brings us a lot of joy.

Xenaida Writes: He (Atticus) is very handsome and receives lots of compliments whenever we take him out into the community.  He is very good natured and loves other dogs and people.  We are enjoying him very much. Aside from food, he enjoys receiving pats, kisses, and hugs. Atticus is extremely fast and agile-- he reminds me of a cat as he can jump up so effortlessly.  Jessie puts out the cutest puppies, I have seen.  Thank you for a wonderful addition to our family.

Christina Writes: It's amazing how fast he grows. We started in home training and after about 1 month he can already sit, down, come, stay, shake, crawl and roll. (with food that is) :)

Wendy Writes: Penny has been a joy and we've had a lot of fun making her a part of our family. She's really thriving and is very healthy with all the exercise of walks, dog parks, and play she gets. Tyler (our 11 year old son) says to me all the time how much he loves Penny. We are continually stopped by people to tell us how cute she is and where did we get her? One family in car crossed over 4 lanes of traffic and made a U-turn to stop me and ask me about our Beagle and where we got her. I always tell them about your website. WOW!

Stephania Writes: We absolutely love him (Jake) & are so happy to have him as part of our family!  He is such a good boy.  He rarely has accidents in the house & sleeps through the night (as long as he can see that we are in the room with him).  Anyway, I just thought I would send a quick note & a thank you! .